Further Penrose Inquiry Delays Announced

This morning (30.05.14) the following statement was posted on the Penrose Inquiry website

On behalf of Lord Penrose, I can report that good progress is being made in relation to the warning letters associated with the Final Report. Three batches have been issued. However, the process is not yet concluded. Two further batches of letters have still to be issued. Subject to the team progressing with the warning letter process at the anticipated rate, the Final Report will be published in the autumn of this year. A date for publication will be announced when the warning letters process is complete.

We have become increasingly exasperated by this interminable process and see this announcement as yet another delay. There can be few communities with such a strong collective understanding of the impact of the death of a partner and Lord Penrose continues to have our personal sympathy. However, that understanding cannot remove the frustration of seeing people affected by the contaminated blood disaster literally die waiting for the report to be published.

We will be seeking an urgent meeting with the Cabinet Secretary to express the concerns of our members.

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