Fake Rubber Arms and Murderous Flying Frisbees of Death: Parenting Advice for the Faint of Heart

Here is an interesting post about growing up with a bleeding disorder. We think that there is a lot in here that will be familiar to members of Haemophilia Scotland.

From time to time we repost blogs we think will be of interest to our members but the views expressed are not necessarily those of Haemophilia Scotland.

You Got Us


We had an infusion class today. Having a bleeding disorder means you are missing a specific ingredient in your blood. To treat bleeding or prevent bleeding you have to infuse it into your vein. As in, start an IV. 

Some people have no trouble doing this. Some people, like me, like Sage, have tiny useless veins that are impossible to see, that roll, that blow, and taunt you. “Here I am! Ha ha, missed!” So Sage had a PICC line, and then a fistula, which is a surgically created vein. This was awesome, you could hit it with your eyes closed, it never blew. Only it grew. and grew, and grew until it looked like a big butt on his arm. People would stare at it, and ask him what it was. He would tell them it was ebola, or AIDS. Once he convinced some girls at school it was…

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