Alex Dowestt asks you to pledge your personal best for Miles for Haemophilia

On the day he broke the #PerfectHour world record, Alex Dowsett formally launched the Miles for Haemophilia awareness campaign.

In this video Alex explains why the campaign is so important to him and how easy it is to get involved.  You don’t need to collect donations from your friends and family.  You only need to set yourself a challenge and log it on the Miles for Haemophilia website.  At the end of the campaign Pfizer have said they will make a donation to Haemophilia Scotland which we can spend on our information, support, and advocacy services.  The campaign is running throughout June so now is a great time start.

We are hoping that over 600 people in Scotland will take up the challenge. To do that we need as many people as possible to get involved.  So make your pledge today and get as many people as possible to join you.  We’d love to see photos of you in action too so please email them in or post them on our Facebook page.

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