Jane Ellison MP’s latest #contaminatedblood letter

Jane Ellison Letter

In early June, Haemophilia Scotland wrote to Jeremy Hunt MP and Jane Ellison MP a the Ministers with responsibility for the Department of Health (England) response to the contaminated blood disaster.

We pointed out that, without a backdated deal to use the Alliance House organisations to make the new Scottish payments, a Scottish infected person in Stage 2 could be losing about £230 a week.  We stressed the need for these payment is urgent and urged them make finalising a deal with the Scottish Government a top priority.

In her reply, Jane Ellison MP says,

There are various ways in which the Scottish Government can make these payments,

We believe this is a reference to the option of moving straight to establishing a stand alone Scottish scheme.  Our fear has always been that this would take even longer.  However, the Scottish Government have said they will make a decision about how the new Scottish scheme will be established this summer so it can be up and running in 2017.  This clearly now needs to be completed as quickly as possible.

Jane Ellison MP also says,

…any change to scheme documentation requires agreement from all four UK Health Departments.

We are working with our friends at The Haemophilia Society and Haemophilia Wales to make a joint approach to the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Government to ask the to do what they can to expedite the process.

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