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A guide to factor levels and haemophilia treatment

Novo Nordisk have launched a new educational video about factor levels and the difference between standard half-life and extended half-life treatment.

Watch on YouTube (2min 46sec)

“This short animation is for people with haemophilia. It discusses the different types of factor treatments available for people with haemophilia (A or B). It explains common terms such as ‘factor levels’ and what is meant by ‘area under the curve’.

If you have haemophilia, it is important to have a treatment that suits you best, whether that is an extended half-life or standard half-life medicine. Different factor replacement treatments can have different effects on factor levels, the level of protection against bleeds and also how many times you may need to take a dose (or infuse). This animation uses a racing car analogy to help explain this.

If you have any questions about your clotting factor replacement, or if you would like to understand more about factor levels for you, please talk to your Centre.”

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