Scottish Libertarian Party – Scottish Election 2021

These are the responses that Haemophilia Scotland received from the Scottish Libertarian Party to the questions we asked of all the parties standing in the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election.

Genetic therapies for haemophilia are currently being trialled in patients. Will you commit to developing and properly resourcing a model for the funding of gene therapies within the first year of the parliament so that patients who give want it, and give informed consent to receive it, have access to these treatments as soon as they have been licensed?

We, libertarians, hold that patients have the right to try any treatments or medications they like. We don’t, however, believe that it should be up to an external third party to decide how best to this and that charities such as yours should be able to get more involved in these matters and decide what is best for the issue at hand.

The Infected Blood Inquiry is a UK-wide statutory Public Inquiry into contaminated blood and blood products. Will the work of the Inquiry have your full support and will you commit to working with those infected and affected in Scotland to make sure the lessons it reveals are implemented and the community is properly compensated and supported?

We believe that the full support the government should offer is to allow Haemophilia Scotland with the infected blood inquiry to do their work with minimal red tape. We agree that should there be any malpractice in the treatment received by a patient then they are well within their rights to seek amends and/or compensation, we understand that it must first be proven that the malpractice had taken place but because of our policy on charities and their relationship with government, we would not do more than allowing those who want to pursue the inquiry the means to do so.

Over the course of the last Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Government cut its funding for Haemophilia Scotland by three quarters. Will you commit to reversing those cut to allow the charity to fully support the Scottish bleeding disorders community?

The Scottish Libertarian Party’s policy on state charity donations is the taxpayer should not be forced to donate to a charity they might disagree with through government donations; this is to be applied to all charities including Haemophilia Scotland. We must add that we want to lower taxes as much as possible for as many people as possible which would free up more of their money to donate to charities. The work that your charity does is appreciated by many which is why it is important to us that your charity to be free to do what it needs to help people with minimal government intervention from people like myself and other politicians who do not know better than you.

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