Motion S4M-12139 – Richard Lyle MSP – Penrose Inquiry Final Report

Haemophilia Scotland is calling for a debate in the Scottish Parliament shortly after the Penrose Inquiry Final Report is published on the 25th March.

MSPs have been working with those affected since the Scottish Parliament opened in 1999.  Now we have finally had an Inquiry MSPs must be given a chance to respond to its findings.

Richard Lyle MSP has been a great friend to us and the campaign in the Scottish Parliament.  He has tabled a motion noting our call for a debate.  We’d like to get as many MSPs as possible to sign.

The motion in full

Motion S4M-12139: Richard Lyle, Central Scotland, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 22/01/2015
Penrose Inquiry Final Report
That the Parliament welcomes the announcement by the Scottish Public Inquiry into Hepatitis C/HIV acquired infection from NHS treatment in Scotland with blood and blood products (Penrose Inquiry) that it will publish its final report on 25 March 2015; notes the commitment by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing on 3 March 2011 that there would be “a further review of Stage 1 payments from the Skipton Fund and the implementation of the new measures announced today will be reviewed when the final report (and any recommendations) of the Penrose Inquiry, are considered”, and further notes the desire of Haemophilia Scotland that the Scottish Government debate the findings of the Penrose Inquiry as soon as possible after the publication of the report.

We’ve already emailed all the MSPs who are eligible to sign but now we need your help. The best way to get an MSP to do something is for someone they represent to ask them to do it.  We suggest using the very helpful website to get in touch with your MSPs and ask them to sign the motion.  Remember to contact both your constituency MSP and your regional list MSPs.  The list below shows if they have signed already.  If they have then it would be fantastic if you email them to thank them – that way they know that this issue is important to you.  If you contact an MSP and they refuse to sign please let us know.  You don’t need to send a long email but it works best if you tell them how the contaminated blood issue affects you.

The 61 MSPs who have signed so far

Richard Lyle MSP (SNP) – Central Scotland
Christine Grahame MSP (SNP) – Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale
Rhoda Grant MSP (Scotish Labour) – Highlands and Islands
Tavish Scott MSP (Scottish Lib Dem) – Shetland
John Mason MSP (SNP) – Glasgow Shettleston
David Torrance MSP (SNP) – Kirkcaldy
Dave Thompson MSP (SNP)  – Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch
Rob Gibson MSP (SNP) – Caithness, Sutherland and Ross
Neil Findlay MSP (Scottish Labour) – Lothian
Kenneth Gibson MSP (SNP) – Cunninghame North
Colin Beattie MSP (SNP) – Midlothian North and Musselburgh
Malcolm Chisholm MSP (Scottish Labour) – Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Duncan McNeil MSP (Scottish Labour) – Greenock and Inverclyde
Jackie Baillie MSP (Scottish Labour) – Dumbarton
Mike MacKenzie MSP (SNP) – Highlands and Islands
Dennis Robertson MSP (SNP) – Aberdeenshire West
Adam Ingram MSP (SNP) – Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley
Jackson Carlaw MSP (Scottish Conservative) – West Scotland
Alison McInnes MSP (Scottish Lib Dem) – North East Scotland
Nanette Milne MSP (Scottish Conservatives) – North East Scotland
Sandra White MSP (SNP) – Glasgow Kelvin
Stuart McMillan MSP (SNP) – West Scotland
Jean Urquhart MSP (Ind) – Highlands and Islands
Siobhan McMahon MSP (Scottish Labour) – Central Scotland
Elaine Murray MSP (Scottish Labour) – Dumfriesshire
Anne McTaggart MSP (Scottish Labour) – Glasgow
Jim Hume MSP (Scottish Lib Dem) – South Scotland
Johann Lamont MSP (Scottish Labour) – Glasgow Pollok
Kevin Stewart MSP (SNP) – Aberdeen Central
Clare Adamson MSP (SNP) – Central Scotland
Murdo Fraser MSP (Scottish Conservative) – Mid Scotland and Fife
Bob Doris MSP (SNP) – Glasgow
Alex Fergusson MSP (Scottish Conservative) – Galloway and West Dumfries
Gil Paterson MSP (SNP) – Clydebank and Milngavie
Cameron Buchanan MSP (Scottish Conservative) – Lothian
John Finnie MSP (Independent) – Highlands and Islands
Ken Macintosh MSP (Scottish Labour) – Eastwood
Claire Baker MSP (Scottish Labour) – Mid Scotland and Fife
John Pentland MSP (Scottish Labour) – Motherwell and Wishaw
Gavin Brown MSP (Scottish Conservative) – Lothian
David Stewart MSP (Scottish Labour) – Highlands and Islands
Ruth Davidson MSP (Scottish Conservatives) – Glasgow – LEADER
Paul Martin MSP (Scottish Labour) – Glasgow Provan
Lewis Macdonald MSP (Scottish Labour) – North East Scotland
Annabel Goldie MSP (Scottish Conservative) – West Scotland
Graeme Pearson MSP (Scottish Labour) – South Scotland
Iain Gray MSP (Scottish Labour) – East Lothian
James Dornan MSP (SNP) – Glasgow Cathcart
Jamie McGrigor MSP (Scottish Conservatives) – Highlands & Islands
John Scott MSP (Scottish Conservatives) – Ayr
Kenny MacAskill MSP (SNP) – Edinburgh Eastern
Liam McArthur MSP (Scottish Lib Dem) – Orkney Islands
Margaret Mitchell MSP (Scottish Conservatives) – Central Scotland
Mary Scanlon MSP (Scottish Conservatives) – Highlands and Islands
Michael Russell MSP (SNP) – Argyll and Bute
Patricia Ferguson MSP (Scottish Labour) – Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn
Richard Baker MSP (Scottish Labour) – North East Scotland
Sarah Boyack MSP (Scottish Labour) – Lothian
Stewart Maxwell (SNP) – West Scotland
Willie Coffey (SNP) – Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley
Willie Rennie (Scottish Lib Dem) – Mid Scotland and Fife – LEADER

In Your Region

We have provided a breakdown of which MSPs have signed in your region.

Party Totals

SNP: 22 of 42 (55%)
Scottish Labour: 20 of 38 (53%)
Scottish Conservative: 12 of 15 (80%)
Scottish Lib Dem: 5 of 5 (100%)
Scottish Greens: 0 of 2 (0%)
Independent: 2 of 3 (67%)
No Party Affiliation: 0 of 1 (0%)

*There is a convention that Ministers don’t usually sign motions like this.  So, although there are 65 SNP MSPs, we have used the figure for the number of backbench SNP MSPs. That means that there are 106 MSPs who could sign the motion.

61% of all eligible MSPs have now signed the motion
61% of all eligible MSPs have now signed the motion


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