Trustee Candidates for 2020 AGM

When we put out a call for trustee nominations a couple of weeks ago, we received 5 nominations and we asked each candidate to write a short piece about why they would like to be a trustee. Read more about the candidates below:

Adam Davidson

I would like to become a trustee and have a dedicated point of view in respect of the charity. I am very much interested in Haemophilia Scotland as both myself and my 6 year old have the condition and I feel it would benefit from someone from every area to be part of the board and to contribute to decisions. I would be privileged to have that honour as I am a very focused person with both the use of technology and in expressing my views.

Graeme Malloch

I am a 40-year-old severe Haemophiliac who arguably transcends two generations of Haemophilia sufferers. I am old enough to be aware of the issues and challenges some of the older generations have faced but know the advances and different challenges that the younger generation have encountered. I have a young daughter and son and my daughter has inherited mild Haemophilia.

I was touched by the warmth I felt from Haemophilia Scotland when I gave evidence at the Infected Blood Inquiry last year and it reminded me that the charity has always been there when I have needed it. It was back then that I felt I should offer myself to be more involved in some capacity and for me joining the board of trustees feels like an opportunity where I can be useful in giving something back.

Jane Eastwood

Having no family history of a bleeding disorder, in 1988, I was told that my second child, a boy, had Severe Haemophilia A. Now, I am a mother of three sons and a daughter, and Grandma of two boys and a girl. These diagnoses have shown very different aspects of individual education, employment, emotional, physical, treatment experiences and requirements to get the best out of life.

In the early 1990s, I created the Yorkshire Haemophilia Group which still thrives now. For over forty years, I have been actively involved in fundraising and am an advocate to raise awareness of bleeding disorders within the wider Community. Being a member of the Haemophilia Society and Haemophilia Scotland, I have attended many of their meetings, including the World Conference in Glasgow.

Since 1979, I have been working full-time as a Pharmacist in Yorkshire. This profession has always given me privileged access to current medical literature and research studies. My Health Care Limited Company has given me the financial, legal and moral responsibility of owning and running a business, helping me appreciate the requirements of being a Trustee.

I hope this brief statement will encourage you to appoint me as one of the Trustees to Haemophilia Scotland.

Jay Gardner

I can represent the youth, I can also give modern ways of thinking and tackling what the younger generation needs, with knowing what issues I’ve faced in the past 23 years. it would be an excellent opportunity to increase the diversity within the Board as well and show the community especially families that they have younger members on the team for them and their needs.

Joanne Kirkham

I have been a member of Haemophilia Scotland since 2013, I have twins James and Zoe, James has severe Haemophilia A with inhibitors. As my children are a little older, I feel now is the time I would be able to commit to being a trustee. Sharing skills and experience I’ve gained over the years.

I have attended many of the events organised by Haemophilia Scotland over the years and the EHC event in Belfast (2014) as a Haemophilia Scotland Ambassador. I also become a parent mentor in 2014. And took great pleasure in participating in the quilt for the HS women’s Group and attended the WFH in Glasgow.

Having a child with Haemophilia not only changed my life path but my career path too, and in 2015 after 15 years as Designer, I changed job to work as an Advocacy worker for a charity called Kindred supporting parents of children with complex needs. I’m based at RHSC Edinburgh. I looked to gain education and skills in the field I had moved into, so in 2016 I completed a COSCA certificate in counselling skills, and this year completed BA (Hons) Open Degree with Open University.

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