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Alex Dowsett and the Tour of Britain raced past the Haemophilia Scotland office today

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It’s been very exciting today in the Haemophilia Scotland office.  It wasn’t because the Queen was in Edinburgh on the day her reign became longer than that the most famous Haemophilia gene carrier in history, Queen Victoria.  Much more exciting was the fact that we had a genuine haemophilia hero was in town too!

Alex Dowsett is the fastest cyclist with a bleeding disorder in the world.  A former holder of the Perfect Hour world record he has done an amazing amount to raise awareness of Haemophilia and to encourage young people with bleeding disorders to be active and pursue their dreams.

Alex was in Edinburgh with Movistar Team as part of the Tour of Britain race. Shortly after the start of the leg the route took them past the end Lauriston Street where we have our office.  We were joined by our friends from SCVO and Social Work Scotland to cheer Alex on.  The only difficulty was that at that speed it’s very hard to identify which Movistar Team rider is which so we just cheered them all on. It’s not clear what the riders made of the traditional Scottish encouragement of “Gaun yersel” though.

You can find out more about Alex and his charity work on the Little Bleeders website.

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