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Alex Dowsett is the #PerfectHour World Record holder!

He did it!  By cycling 52.937km (that’s 32.9miles) in just one hour Alex Dowsett has inspired people with bleeding disorders all over the world.  We think is it the first time such a prestigious world record has been held by someone with a bleeding disorder.  We were delighted to have representatives from Haemophilia Scotland there on the day cheering him on.

By smashing the record by old world record by an amazing 446 meters Alex has confirmed his status as a world class cyclist.

As well as breaking records, Alex was keen to use the record as a way of breaking preconceptions about bleeding disorders and raising awareness.  When he won a gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow we had lots of calls from young people with bleeding disorders and their parents.  It gave a lot of people hope that, with careful management and the right treatment, their bleeding disorder would not necessarily hold them back.  We can only imagine what effect the world record is going to have!

In the video (above), Alex talks about how his Haemophilia was instrumental in him taking up cycling originally.  He also thanks his parents how they helped him manage his Haemophilia.

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