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Alex Dowsett to launch #MilesForHaemophilia in Scotland on Sunday


We are delighted that Alex Dowsett will be our lunchtime speaker at this weekend’s “Try Something New” event at Crieff Hydro.  If you have already registered you can see the final schedule for the day here.

Alex is an inspiration to people with Haemophilia all over the world.  Despite his condition he has been able to climb to the top of the world of cycling claiming many championship titles and holding a string of records.

He will  be speaking about his experience of living with Haemophilia and how he has gone on to achieve to much.  His visit makes the launch of this year’s Miles for Haemophilia campaign.  The campaign asks people to challenge themselves while raising awareness, and sometimes money, for haemophilia.

There are lots of ways of getting involved in the Miles for Haemophilia campaign.mfh-poster

You can find our more about Alex Dowsett and his work to inspire younger people with bleeding disorders the website of the Little Bleeders charity which he founded. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Yesterday the cycling press was reporting that Alex is considering an attempt to regain his #PerfectHour world record.  See our video of the last time he set the record.

The Try Something New Event and Miles for Haemophilia are both supported by @Pfizer.




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