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Changes to Caxton Foundation Winter Fuel Payments

Caxton Foundation

The Caxton Foundation is a Government funded charity that provides financial and other assistance to individuals who have been infected with the Hepatitis C virus as a consequence of receiving NHS treatment using contaminated blood, blood products or tissue.

At the end of last week the Caxton Foundation wrote to its beneficiaries to inform them of good news about the level winter fuel payments the trust is able to make this year.

This is an extract from the letter

As you may be aware, Caxton has experienced a significant increase in beneficiary numbers since September 2014 as a result of various initiatives that have raised awareness about the organisation. Caxton is pleased that more beneficiaries have registered with us, but this unexpected increase did have an impact on the budget for the year. As a result the board were not in a position in November to agree more than £350 as a winter fuel payment for primary beneficiary or widow households.

The number of Caxton beneficiaries has continued to rise as other initiatives to raise awareness have continued, but the rate of increase has slowed in the last couple of months. The board has therefore been able to review its decision based on the current financial situation as we approach the end of the financial year. I am therefore pleased to inform you that an additional winter fuel payment of £150 will be made to all primary beneficiary and widow households by the end of March.


  1. not everyone has heard of the Caxton fund. Having been on stage 2 for several years; shouldn’t someone have told me about the availability of heating allowance? I only found out last year by accident that I had to apply but meantime I lost out on previous years payments.

    1. We’ve covered the Caxton Foundation on our website, our members magazine The Wire, and on Facebook. Sadly, not everyone who is entitled to support is one of our members.

      This is something that will need to be kept strongly in mind when the new Scottish grants scheme is set up next year.

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