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Come and find out about the new Scottish #contaminatedblood financial support scheme

18 March 2016 the Scottish Government announced changes to the level of support that it would be providing to those whose infection occurred in Scotland.  Part of the package of changes was the establishment of a new scheme based in Scotland to administer the payment.

nhs-national-services-scotlandThis new scheme will be administered by National Service Scotland (NSS).  It is intended that this new scheme will start at the beginning of the 2017/18 financial year in April.

To give beneficiaries the chance to meet key National Services Scotland (NSS) staff and ask questions about the transition to the new Scottish support scheme, NSS have scheduled a stakeholder event for,

19 December at 2pm – 4pm,
Scottish Health Service Centre
Edinburgh, Crewe Road South

Anyone interested can book a place at the link below.  The event will also include some background on the key aims and membership of the scheme’s Advisory Board.

The room can only hold around 30 people so we may have to restrict attendance if there is a lot of interest.  There is no announcement being made, this is just a chance to talk about the new NSS role.

Anyone who will benefit from the new scheme can attend.  This means the event is open to those who were infected and their immediate families, including bereaved families.

The event organiser is Victoria Delargy, tel. 0131 275 7925, if anyone wants to book via phone.

You may have already seen the update posted on the Skipton Fund website regarding the interim payments:

It makes it clear that until the end of the financial year the Alliance House organisations will be responsible for,

  • Making the additional lump sum payments to those at Skipton Stage 1
  • Making the increased annual payment to those with HIV and at Skipton Stage 2

The Skipton Fund and MFET will write to everyone affected by the changes individually, giving further information about payments and timescales, and any further information required.  They have asked that if you have any questions regarding the new payments that you wait for your letter before contacting their office.

Because different levels of payments will be in place for the four UK countries, the country in which a person was infected is important information.  When they write to you about your new or enhanced payments, they will confirm the country to which you have been allocated, based on the data they hold.  Where there is reference to treatment in more than one country of the UK, they have been asked to assign the you to the country of residence at the time of your registration.

Once you have received your letter, if you believe you have not been allocated to the country in which your infection occurred, you can appeal the decision to the relevant government.  The following document provides further information on how to appeal: Appeals



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