Dan Farthing


Dan Farthing  (also known as Dan Farthing-Sykes) is the first and current CEO of Haemophilia Scotland. He joined the organisation from the Edinburgh Haemophilia & Thrombosis Centre and has worked closely with the founding Board of Trustees to establish the charity.

He brings with him experience of almost seven years as the Policy and Communications Manager of The Haemophilia Society. This role included serving on the Department of Health Clotting Factor Tender Working Group; the Specialised Services Public and Patient Involvement Transition Group; and the transitional NHS England Clinical Reference Group for Haemophilia. In addition he was the led member of staff for both the Archer and Penrose Inquiries.

Before moving into the Third Sector his background was in politics, policy and campaigning. He has experience at Local Government, the Scottish Parliament, and at Westminster. This includes working for the Elected Mayor of Watford, with Highland MSPs, and for The Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP when he was Leader of the Liberal Democrats.


  1. Hi Dan, Mark Ward has suggested I contact you about how to proceed with Scottish Compensation for my late husband?
    I have send you a facebook message from your name given on tainted bllod. Do you have an e-mail address for myself to contact you? Mine is below

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