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Contaminated Blood Forms Deadline TODAY


Over the last couple of weeks everyone who has received money from one of the UK-wide contaminated blood financial support schemes, who qualifies for the new Scottish support scheme, should have received at least one letter.

You should have received a letter from each of the schemes you have received money from, whether that be the Skipton Fund, MacFarlane Trust, or the Caxton Foundation –  know together as the Alliance House organisations.

The purpose of the form is to allow these UK-wide organisations to pass your details to the new Scottish scheme.  The idea is to avoid the necessity to reregister which would involved unnecessary form filling.

To allow the transfer of data to go smoothly your information needs to be returned to Alliance House today.  If you haven’t returned your form please post it back immediately.  If you think you should have received a form but haven’t please contact Dan Farthing-Sykes on or 0131 524 7286.

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