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Contaminated Blood Memorial Fund Launched


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At a private memorial event in Edinburgh today we supported the launch of the Contaminated Blood Memorial Fund.

The Fund is bringing bereaved families together to plan, and raise money for, a lasting memorial to those who have died as a result of the contaminated blood disaster in Scotland.

The families behind the memorial explain what they hope to achieve saying,

We would like your help to create a lasting memorial to those we have lost because of the contaminated blood disaster.

It will be built in recognition not just of our personal losses, but of the collective losses we all share.

We’d like it to be something beautiful, evocative and have significance for us all.

If you’d like to get involved in planning the memorial or raising funds please contact the families on

If you would like to contribute to the costs of raising a memorial to those we have lost in Scotland there are two ways to donate.

Haemophilia Scotland is facilitating the Memorial Fund. 100% of the money you donate will go towards the fund. Haemophilia Scotland will not make any administration or management charges. The project belongs to the affected families themselves.

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