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Contaminated Blood Scottish Financial Support Review – September Update

The Contaminated Blood Scottish Financial Support Review Group (The Group) met on Monday, the minutes from the August meeting was approved.  It is published here so that everyone affected by the disaster can see how far the work has progressed.

FSRG August Meeting
Minutes of the August meeting of the Financial Support Review Group.

The meeting also approved a summary report of the five regional consultation meetings which were conducted in the last two weeks of August. A much more detailed report has been given to The Group but cannot be published because it contains references to individual circumstances and loss which could identify people.  Those who attended the meetings were assured that their confidentiality would be protected in recognition of the stigma associated with HIV and Hepatitis C and their rights must be respected.

Summary of the Regional Consultation Meetings
Summary of the Regional Consultation Meetings.

Some early results from the consultation questionnaire were discussed at the September meeting of The Group. However, it wasn’t practical for everyone to return their questionnaire by the September 1st deadline.  However, all responses, whenever they arrived, are being included in the consultation.  One to one conversations are also continuing so that as many people as possible can have their say.

The venue of the final consultation meeting will be on Saturday 31st of October in Perth.  We will publish the venue and other details of this meeting as soon as they are confirmed.

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