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We anticipate that facing the challenge of coronavirus will be particularly challenging for the bleeding disorders community.

Having a rare condition can be isolating at the best of times.  Individuals and families often build strong rely on supportive friends and family and the restrictions on movement will make that a lot more difficult.  For older people with bleeding disorders, the pandemic is bringing back memories of their worst experiences with blood-borne viruses and compounding the challenges that often come with reduced mobility and chronic pain.

Haemophilia Scotland is determined to do whatever we can to help our community come together to support one another through these difficult times.

If you’d like a chat with Dan or Alex then we can arrange to speak to you in a wide variety of ways.  So whether you prefer skype, teams, facetime, duo, zoom, or just a traditional phone call we’d love to give you a call.

We have also set up a volunteer Telephone Tree.  If you sign up you will be part of a network of people affected by bleeding disorders who will be calling each other to pass on new information or simply to be in touch to combat feelings of isolation.

Also, please remember that all members of the bleeding disorders community have access to the Scottish Psychosocial Service.  So whether you have a bleeding disorder yourself or it’s your partner, child, sibling, or parent who does then you can access this service.  The service is also open to those who have lost people as a result of the contaminated blood product infections.

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