Telephone Tree

We are all now being asked not to leave our homes for non-essential reasons. Haemophilia Scotland wants to make sure everyone in our community is still hearing from other people.  We also want to know if anyone is having particular problems from being isolated with a bleeding disorder. That is why we are launching a volunteer telephone tree.  With just two members of staff we simply don’t have the capacity to call everyone frequently enough.

The Telephone Tree will work by assigning you three other individuals or families with bleeding disorders to call.  When there is an important piece of information or just a regular check on the situation in our community, Alex and Dan will call 10 people in the tree.  If they ring their three people, and those people then call their three people, and so on, the message will quickly get to the whole community.

With so many emails and messages about the virus, there is a danger that the bleeding disorders dimension will get lost.  It’s also really important that those in isolation get to speak to people in a similar situation.

If anyone in the Telephone Tree finds they are speaking to someone who is facing a problem then we ask them to refer the case to Dan and Alex in the office so it can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

For data protection reasons it is important that anyone signing up to the Telephone Tree understands they are giving their consent for their telephone number to be shared with other people within the project.  For this reason, we will only be running the Telephone Tree for members of Haemophilia Scotland.  Fortunately, membership is free and open to anyone who supports our aims.  If you are not comfortable with sharing your personal data in this way but would still appreciate a call then please fill in our Give me a Call form and Dan or Alex will call you instead.

To sign up for the Telephone Tree, please complete this short form.

Read the Haemophilia Scotland Confidentiality Policy and the Haemophilia Scotland Privacy Policy