Home Delivery

LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare, who manage all Scottish home delivery of clotting products, says,

“Please be aware that at this time our frontline colleagues are being supported by providing additional personal protective equipment such as face masks, gowns and aprons where required. As an additional precaution, our drivers will not request a signature from patients and their representatives to support good hygiene practice. This change has been approved and is supported by the NHS until the foreseeable future.

“As things develop, we are committed to working with hospital clinical teams to ensure we provide smooth and coordinated care. We have a plan to identify, quantify and actively manage all issues arising from the impact of the coronavirus should the situation escalate.”

If you are on home delivery you will find the doorstep procedure has changed to reduce contact.  LloydsParmacy have kindly supplied us with the details below about what you can expect.

Deliverers are now required to:

  1. Knock on the door/ring the bell
  2. Step 2 metres (approx. 6.5 feet) back from the door
  3. Once the door is opened, and then ask the following question before handing over any product: “Can you please confirm if there is anyone in the house who is positive for Coronavirus or has had contact with a potential case”.

Answer: No

If the patient advises that there are no such issues in the house, then the delivery should go ahead as planned. The deliverer must use hand sanitiser immediately after completing the doorstep procedure.

Answer: Yes

If the patient/authorised person advises that there has been any form of exposure to the virus. The deliverer is to notify the patient/authorised person that he/she will need to leave the product on the doorstep;

  1. then the deliverer is to request that the patient/authorised person closes the door, once the door has been closed, the deliverer is to place the product on the doorstep before retreating 2 metres back.
  2. The deliverer should then visibly observe the product being picked up/collected by the patient/authorised person before contacting patient services immediately, to notify them of the issue
  3. Remind the patient that they won’t be asked to sign the ePOD terminal in any circumstance.
  4. The deliverer must use hand sanitiser immediately after completing the doorstep procedure.

Answer: Yes (but patient unable to pick up the product due to weight or health-related reasons).

The deliverer is to explain to the patient/authorised person that he/she wear additional personal protective equipment as a precaution for both for the patient and the driver. The deliverer will explain that they will wear gloves, an apron and a mask which are single-use only.

20 March 2020


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