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Forth Road Bridge Closure – Haemophilia Update

“Forth Road Bridge 01 2002-04-07”.  Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.) via Commons

The closure of the Forth Road Bridge has made it very difficult for anyone from the north and east of Edinburgh to get to the capital.


If you have an appointment at the Edinburgh Haemophilia Centre and are expecting difficulties it is very important that you let them know on 0131 242 1270. Just not showing up can cause real problems for the Centre at a busy time of year.  If you’d like advice about how to travel then the NHS has set up an advice line for people who are having problems getting to hospital appointments because of the closure. You can call them for advice on 0800 028 2816.

In terms of Home Delivery  

BUPA Home Healthcare’s planning team are re-routing deliveries around the Forth Road Bridge.  This is adding mileage but they are trying to avoid any any impact to patient care. They have already increased the number of drivers to cope with the festive peak in demand.  If you can know you will need another delivery before Christmas please let them know as soon as possible to help them manage things properly.

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