Running Vests 001

We are extremely grateful to everyone who raises money for us. Fundraising for a charity like us does two amazing things.

  1. The money you raise means that we can provide a better service for individuals and families with bleeding disorders in Scotland.
  2. Being seen out and about, raising money, is one of the best ways we have for raising awareness of bleeding disorders and the work of Haemophilia Scotland.

As a new and small charity, we don’t have any charity places for events.  Our fundraisers tend to get their own places at events around Scotland and then set themselves up on our Just Giving page so that they can collect sponsorship. However, we like to give them as much support as we can and provide running vests and other support.  If have enough people taking part in an event we will organize a group of people to come and cheer you on too.

If you are planning to raise some money for us please fill in the short form below.


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