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Get involved in #SelfManagement Week this year!

Self Management Week 2015

All this week (28th Sept to 2nd October) it is self management week.

All over Scotland people are celebrating being able to self manage their condition.  This is particularly important for long-term conditions such as bleeding disorders.  Over the years people become experts by experience in the conditions they live with and, in particular, how it it effects them personally.

The self management approach as been a feature of the treatment of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders in Scotland for a long time.  There are around 200 people who have their treatment delivered to them at home and even more who have been trained by our fantastic Scottish Haemophilia Centres to treat themselves.  This has helped many people take more control over their lives.

Self Management means more than practical treatment. It is a philosophy where individuals or families with a condition have the information they need to make informed decisions and be an active member of their own multi-disciplinary team.

At Haemophilia Scotland we believe we have a vital roll to play in helping people find the appropriate level of self management for them.  Through our information, support, and mentoring services we are helping more and more people to engage positively with the management of their condition.

One of the ways you can take part in Self Management Week 2015 is to print of the Self Management Inspiration Poster and post a picture of yourself on Twitter or Facebook to tell everyone what inspires you to self manage your bleeding disorders.  Don’t forget to use #SelfManagement and it would be great if you could include @HaemophiliaScot too so we see all of your messages.

You can find out more on The Health and Social Care Alliance website.

Why not spread the work with your own self management inspiration photo?
Why not spread the work with your own self management inspiration photo?

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