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Get the popcorn ready! Dogstar Theatre Online launched

Many of you will be aware of the Factor 9 play that Dogstar Theatre made and presented at the Edinburgh Festival in 2014. More info here. Well, Dogstar have just recently launched Dogstar Theatre Online and are premiering with two great theatre and film experiences – THE TAILOR OF INVERNESS & CIRCLING A FOX.  The Tailor has turned out to be one of the most successful Scottish theatre productions of the last 20 years.  Circling A Fox is brand new, a powerful and moving film with a wonderful endorsement from one of Scotland’s greatest living novelists, James Robertson.

They will follow up our launch over the next couple of months with releases of Dogstar productions The Stornoway Way and Factor 9.

Dogstar Theatre are good friends of Haemophilia Scotland and the contaminated blood and blood products campaign. We’re pleased to see them bring forward such an innovative approach and are sure lots of our members will be interested in accessing their work.

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