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Glasgow Haemophilia Unit Relocation Cancelled

Regular readers of this website will be aware that there have been proposals under discussion over the last year to move the GRI Haemophilia Unit to the St Mungo Building, off the link corridor.

We are pleased to report that the Health Board, NHS GGC, has reconsidered its plans and has advised that the Haemophilia Unit will remain located in Ward 1 adjacent to the Castle Street Entrance. This is good news for all who use the Unit.

This is the statement issued by the Health Board.

Relocation of the Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre within the Glasgow Royal Infirmary

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have reviewed proposals to relocate the Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre within the Glasgow Royal Infirmary from ward 1 to the first floor of the St. Mungo’s Building. This move was driven by a need to create a Discharge and Flow Hub to serve hospital in-patient services.

The North Sector Management Team have updated the specification for the planned Discharge and Flow Hub and the overall space required has reduced. As a consequence they have been able to identify an alternative location to the space currently occupied by the Haemophilia Centre.

This means that at this time there will be no requirement to relocate the Haemophilia Centre and the service will continue to be delivered from its current location at ward 1 of Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Any further potential changes to site configuration in the North Sector will be driven by “Moving Forward Together: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s vision for Health and Social Care”, reviewing the estate, capacity and service demands that face the Board going forward.

We would like to thank the Patient Engagement Group and all Service Users for their time and invaluable insight into the design and requirements for the Haemophilia Service.

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