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Go Ape posters and flyers available in the Haemophilia Centres – register today!


On October 10th we are doing something for the group that often get left out.

A lot of our work focuses on families and older people affected by bleeding disorders.  However, this time we wanted to something for the people in between.

We know there are a lot of people who are managing busy lives and their bleeding disorder and wanted to give them a chance to meet up, have a bit of fun, and exchange tips for staying active.  As a result we are running a trip to Go Ape in Aberfoyle.  You can find out more on the event’s page. The event is for any adult young enough to want to do it.  Partners are more than welcome too.

Take up has been a bit slow so if you’d like to come along then please register today.

If you aren’t interested but know someone who might be then please let them know about it and encourage them to sign up too.

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