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Haemophilia no obstruction to exercise for Jay Gardner

Haemophilia Scotland member Jay Gardner has proven that having haemophilia doesn’t need to get in the way of a healthy diet and exercise.

In the last year, Jay has lost 26kg (just over 4 stone) through taking part in various classes at Edinburgh Leisure venues as well as understanding and changing his diet.

Jay loves dancing and attended dance-based classes at Edinburgh Leisure such as BodyJam and Sh’bam, and then went on to explore Body Balance, Body Conditioning, Barre, and Pilates.

Jay was born with severe Haemophilia A, an internal blood clotting disorder due to a Factor 8 deficiency and as a result, suffers from Haemophilic Arthropathy in his right ankle. However, he finds the physical activity he undertakes helps him to manage his condition, and he’s gained strength and flexibility in the joint, which he had previously lost, due to internal bleeding.

Being aware of your diet and following an exercise regime, with oversight and input from qualified professionals, is really beneficial for your health and can help you to manage your condition. Not only does exercise help with managing your condition, it helps to minimise the risk of developing other conditions like diabetes.

You can read more about Jay’s journey with Edinburgh Leisure here.

Well done to Jay!





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