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Haemophilia Scotland is a Core Participant of the Infected Blood Inquiry

Both Haemophilia Scotland and the Scottish Infected Blood Forum have been accepted as organisational core participants of the Infected Blood Inquiry, and are both registered with Thompsons Solicitors Scotland.

As charities we have sufficient legal standing to be core participants in our own right. In accepting our applications the Inquiry has recognised that,

  • we have previously acted as umbrella organisations covering the interests of many of those who have also registered with Thompsons Solicitors Scotland,
  • we have been significantly involved in matters to which the Inquiry relates, and
  • our involvement is likely to facilitate the better management of the Inquiry.

Being a core participant in the Inquiry will help Haemophilia Scotland continue to represent the interest of our members. We will be working particularly closely with the other core participants registered with Thompsons Solicitors Scotland but anticipate having close links, and constructive working relationships, with the other patient interest core participants throughout the UK.

Thompsons Solicitors Scotland has a vast wealth of experience in statutory Public Inquiries in Scotland, most notably the Scottish statutory Public Inquiry under Lord Penrose into the contaminated blood and blood products disaster.  We have a strong working relationship with them which has been built over many years of campaigning together.  We are very pleased to be able to work with them on the Infected Blood Inquiry.

The initial deadline for registering with legal firms enabled the early applications for core participant status to be fast tracked.  However, if you would still like to register with Thompsons Solicitors Scotland and to get their help in applying for core participant status, or to give evidence, then you still can can by returning this form to,

F.A.O. Patrick McGuire
Thompsons Solicitors Scotland
285 Bath Street
G2 4HQ

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