Haemophilia Scotland – Response to the Penrose Report

The Scottish Government has been committed to investigating the contaminated blood disaster for many years.  By setting up the Penrose Inquiry they showed a commendable commitment to uncovering the truth of this scandal. That commitment to truth must now be matched by an equal commitment to justice and fulfilling the moral duty of care to those devastated by the disaster.

The Penrose Report reveals the enormous levels of suffering that has been endured for decades by individuals and families all over Scotland. The Report contains powerful testimony of the horrendous damage to health, relationships and finances suffered by 478 Scottish families affected by bleeding disorders. For 193 of them their loved one has not survived to see the Penrose Report published. The Scottish public will be shocked and appalled at the level of suffering that has been caused by the greatest scandal ever to engulf the NHS.

Haemophilia Scotland, those infected, and their families are determined that all the decades of pain, loss and suffering should lead to real improvements in patient safety. We stand ready to work with the Scottish Government to make that happen. This is now in their hands and we feel sure they won’t let us down.

Finally, we’d like to acknowledge the bravery of patients who gave oral and written evidence; the hard work of the patient interest legal team; Lord Penrose and his Inquiry Team; and the dedication of hard-working medical and fractionating staff, not implicated in the report, who spent their careers to provide treatment and care to people with bleeding disorders. We would also like to remember those who have not survived the contaminated blood disaster.  We hope that the Penrose Inquiry, and the Scottish and UK Government’s response will alleviate the suffering of the survivors and their families as well as the bereaved.

The Final Report from The Penrose Inquiry can be accessed here:


The Executive Summary can be accessed here:


To request a copy of the Final Report, Executive Summary or DVD of the full report, you can contact the Inquiry at


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