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Health and Sport Committee – Healthcare Professionals Indemnity Insurance

Yesterday (3.6.14) the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Alex Neil MSP, read a statement to the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee about his intention to bring in a new requirement that all registered healthcare professionals in Scotland will need to be covered by indemnity insurance in order to practice.

He said that he “believes it is unacceptable for individuals not to have access to compensation when they suffer harm through negligence on the part of a healthcare professional.”

“The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that people have access to the appropriate redress in the unlikely event that they are negligently harmed during the course of their care.  Everyone should have this right.”

You can here his full statement and the question and answer session with MSPs on the Scottish Parliament’s YouTube Channel.


  1. Is the minister going to increase wages to reflect this extra cost My insurance has always been covered by the company indemnity policy now I’ll have to find another £60 odds for insurance plus the £50 odds for registration. You’re going to find even more people leaving the profession if this goes through, this is just my opinion

  2. Hello Will, from the Q&A after the statement it seems as if the NHS Boards will pick up the cost for the vast majority of people who are directly employed by them. If there are people not covered by these collective arrangements then they shouldn’t end up being out of pocket. We can’t afford to drive people out of the healthcare professions.

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