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How to get your hands on the Penrose Report

The Penrose Inquiry is set to announce a publication date early in 2015.
The Penrose Inquiry is set to announce a publication date early in 2015.

We are really pleased that so many people are travelling from all over Scotland, and in some cases beyond, to attend the official press conference for the publication of the Penrose Inquiry Final Report.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our lunch afterwards and working out together how to respond to what the Report reveals.

Several people have asked us how they will be able to get a copy of the report.  These are the arrangements that we are aware of.

Read online
The electronic version of the report will go live on the Penrose Inquiry website at 12noon on Wednesday 25th March.

Hard copies
Those attending on the day will also be able to pick up a hard copy of the report at the official event.  However, the report is expected to be quite long and in several volumes so will be heavy.  We are hoping to have a sack trolley available on the day to help people get their copy of the report to their car.

Disc copies
There will be electronic copies of the text on DVDs available on the day.  This will save people having to download the text to their computer.

Watch online
We have also just heard that the Inquiry will be posting video of their event on their website on the day.  It will go live as soon as it is edited and formatted so can be expected to be available by late afternoon.

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