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Infected Blood Inquiry opens with a moving commemoration

The Infected Blood Inquiry opened today with an extremely moving commemoration for the loss of life, health, and potential caused by the contaminated blood and blood products disaster.

Photographs and interviews used in the commemoration film that was shown at the start of the Inquiry included infected and affected people from Scotland.  Many of those watching at the event in London, or on the YouTube live stream from home, were reduced to tears by the recognition of decades of loss and suffering.  Much of the music was sung by a live choir.

The commemoration underlined the devastating impact of the infections and made clear the huge weight of responsibility now on the shoulders of Sir Brian Langstaff and his team.

You can follow Haemophilia Scotland’s work on our new webpage about the Infected Blood Inquiry.  You can find out more about the history of the disaster and campaign in Scotland on our Campaign page.

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