The Board of Trustees

The Trustees of any charity provide the strategic direction and oversight.  They make sure that the charity protects it’s reputation, manages it’s finances responsibly, and is focused on achieving it’s charitable aims and objectives.

Specifically, a charity trustee must:

1. Act in the interest of the charity. Trustees should put the interests of their charity before their own interests, or those of any other person or organisation.

2. Operate in a manner consistent with the charity’s purposes. Trustees should carry out their duties in accordance with their governing document.

3. Act with due care and diligence. Trustees should take such care of their charity’s affairs as is reasonable to expect of someone who is managing the affairs of another person.

4. Ensure that the charity complies with the provisions of the 2005 Act and other relevant legislation.

We are very fortunate to have a diverse and dedicated Board of Trustees who work extremely hard to make Haemophilia Scotland as good as it can be.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Trustee of Haemophilia Scotland, please contact our CEO, Dan Farthing-Sykes for more details.

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