Staying Active

The film above was produced by Jenna Reid, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, and the team at the Edinburgh Haemophilia and Thrombosis Comprehensive Care Centre.  The multidisciplinary team, including a patient and a parent, explain the reasons why staying fit and physically active are an essential part of managing Haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders.

Benefits of staying fit and active include,

  • Strong and healthy muscles
  • Interacting with friends
  • Good balance
  • Can help prevent bleeds
  • The right exercises can also help you recover from a bleed

It can really help to find a suitable way of staying fit that you enjoy.  It is particularity important to make sure you warm up before any physical activity.

Remember, it is essential that you talk to your own Haemophilia Team before changing the management of your Haemophilia or taking up any new physical activities.  They can also give advice about when it the best time to take your treatment to give you good cover while you are exercising.

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