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Inspiration aplenty at Haemophilia Scotland’s Women’s Conference


Thanks to everyone who attended our first ever Women’s Conference in Stirling on Saturday!

It was an informative day where we received inspiration from each other and from our guest speakers, Lynn Wild and Victoria Barby.

We started the day off with an introduction to some of the Haemophilia Centre staff from Glasgow and Edinburgh and heard about when to get in touch with your Centre, treatments out there, but most importantly that they are there for you, even if it is to just come in for a cuppa.

Following this, we heard from a couple of incredible women, who are Haemophilia Scotland members, about their experience of living with a bleeding disorder. Lynne Black then led us on a mindfulness session. Whilst having a go at mindfulness, we could hear the excitement the kids were having in the creche through the walls, which was good practice for the real world!

After lunch, we heard from Lynn Wild of talking Red and her inspiring story of how she is raising awareness of women and bleeding disorders in England. Victoria Barby spoke to us about her journey to becoming an archery champion, representing Great Britain at various major sporting events, and offered helpful tips on resilience, which is a trait most people with a bleeding disorder develop over the years.

Thank you to everyone who attended! You all helped make the day a success!

If you are a woman affected by a bleeding disorder and if you’d like to join the Women’s Group, please let Alex know.

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