It’s not to late to upload your Miles for Haemophilia pledge

Miles for Haemophilia

Throughout June hundreds of people have been raising awareness of Haemophilia as part of the Miles for Haemophilia campaign.  If you haven’t uploaded your pledge yet then it’s not too late to add your efforts to the total.

We’ve been getting involved here at Haemophilia Scotland.  Our CEO, Dan Farthing-Sykes has cycled over 70 miles.  One of our Trustees, Nikki Gandy, ran over 15 miles as part of the campaign.

The campaign recognised that for some people who wanted to take part travelling a mile would be a significant achievement.  That is why it was up to those who took part to decide what their pledge would be.

Pfizer, the company behind the campaign, have confirmed they will be making a significant donation to Haemophilia Scotland on the back of the campaign.  We are extremely grateful to them for their support and to everyone who got involved with the campaign.

For more information go to the Miles for Haemophilia website.

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