Other opportunities

The opportunities detailed on this page are not provided by Haemophilia Scotland or accredited by us.  However, they are open to people in Scotland with a bleeding disorders.

Future Leaders

The pharmaceutical company Bayer, who make some of the products used to treat people with bleeding disorders, have two programmes to help the future leaders of the bleeding disorders communities around the work get appropriate training.

bayer-leadership-suroStep Up Reach Out (SURO)

SURO is an international youth leadership program designed to develop and train young adults in the bleeding disorders community who have the drive and ability to become leaders.

SURO is open to men with haemophilia A or B who are between 21 and 25 years old.

It’s a one year commitment and involves participation in two sessions and an interim project.

The goals of SURO are,

  • Identify motivated individuals and foster leadership skill
  • Connect up-and-coming leaders in the community
  • Build understanding of the issues facing the global haemophilia community
  • Help increase treatment standards across the globe

Find out more and apply.


AFFIRM is an international fellowship designed to mentor and help men with haemophilia develop and expand their leadership skills.

AFFIRM is open to men with haemophilia A or B who are between 26 and 38 years old.

It’s a two year commitment and involves participation in four sessions.

The goals or AFFIRM are,

  • Mentor new leaders from the bleeding disorders community.
  • Share global perspectives on issues affecting the haemophilia community.

Find out more and apply.




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