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Joint Campaign Meeting in Edinburgh on April 21

Joint Campaign Meeting
WHERE: Apex Haymarket Hotel
WHEN: April 21, 11:00am-1:00pm

Haemophilia Scotland and the Scottish Infected Blood Forum are jointly hosting a campaign meeting for anyone interested in the contaminated blood and blood products disaster in Scotland.

We will be discussing the Langstaff Inquiry consultation on Terms of Reference.

It would be helpful if you considered the below questions before attending the meeting so we can have a discussion:

  • On what time period or periods should the Inquiry focus?
  • Do you agree with the provisional view of what should be covered? (Please provide any additional views on what you think the Inquiry should consider.)
  • Is there any type of evidence, such as documents, communications or expert reports that you think is essential for the Inquiry to obtain?
  • Should the Terms of Reference include consideration of the care provided, and the response of governments across the United Kingdom and overseas? If so, are there any particular areas the Inquiry should focus on?
  • Do you agree that the Inquiry should seek these individual responsibilities and make recommendations?
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?

The venue, Apex Haymarket Hotel is located near Haymarket Station and is accessible by train, bus or car. For more information on the venue, visit their website.


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  1. I would like to comment on the way in which the UK government has responded to the call for better financial provision by haemophilia campaigners and groups. An historical review of how it has treated victims of the state provided contaminated blood products, and the impact on haemophiliacs subjected to multiple viruses over several decades. This absolutely should be examined in the TOR and in particular I believe the government should be forced to explain why despite losing a judicial review in 2010 which highlighted their “flawed thinking” as the judge described it, on the situation in Ireland being different to the UK, why they then failed to accept the courts findings proving there was no difference, and therefore no barrier to compensation on parity with Eire. Due to the fact their inaction was not challenged at that time, the government forced an independent financial review and so -called consultation which has left victims and their families in an even worse financial state, punishing them through the changes in DWP benefits and closing down five trusts to replace it with a shambolic new system which is not protecting the needs of the victims. The UK governments since the “worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS began have caused misery and extreme suffering to an already disadvantaged Haemophilia community, we must ensure this is strongly highlighted in the TOR.
    I am unable to attend this meeting due to geographic distance and cost.

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