Launch of the Women with Bleeding Disorders Quilt Project


Thank you to all who turned out for the launch of the “Women with Bleeding Disorders Quilt Project” on September 24th.

We started the day off by perusing the intricately designed quilts that were exhibited at the Scottish Quilt Championships. What a tough competition it was! We were wowed by the vast array of designs and in awe over the level of creativity and detail that was put into each of them.

Hot off the heels of the Scottish Quilt Championships and full of inspiration and ideas, we made our way to Norton House Hotel for a lovely afternoon tea and a productive discussion to officially launch the start of the Quilt Project.

>> Click here to take part in the project.

The project is for all women affected by bleeding disorders, or for people who know women affected by bleeding disorders, and is open to first-time sewers all the way through to quilt extraordinaires. Participation is open for anyone in Scotland and in our international community. It is a vibrant, interactive project that will represent how the community feels, and how the bleeding disorder has affected our lives, family and community.

  • We will need you to contribute either a panel and/or fabric of the same size. The quilt will be made out of 12 inch/30cm panels (with 1 inch/3cm border) created by you and our friends from around the world. Get creative with the panel – we want it to reflect you and your experience. Please do not quilt it as it will get quilted once all the panels are pieced together. The fabric will be used for the back of the quilt and for the edge trim.  The deadline for completion of your panel is January 31, 2018.
  • We would like you to write a little about yourself or your group, what country you’re from and the ideas behind your square. Feel free to submit a photo, too!
  • The centrepiece of the quilt will be made in Scotland. It will be a tree, symbolising family, life, lifeblood and community. The branches would be like veins, and the fabric used will be from all around the world, symbolising the connectedness of the community and family.

On November 11 between 11am-2pm, we are hosting a practical sewing session to work on our panels together at our Edinburgh office. Register here for the session:

There will be various sessions on Wednesdays at the Glasgow Haemophilia Centre. Dates and times to be confirmed.

We’d love for you to take part in this fun, hands-on project! This is a collaborative, worldwide project which will culminate in something tangible that represents the Women With Bleeding Disorders community.

To register to take part, visit

The deadline for completion of your panel is January 31, 2018.



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