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“Listen, Share & Donate” to Fundraiser for a Lasting Tribute for Contaminated Blood Victims and their Families

About the fundraiser

Haemophilia Scotland members Iain Gordon-Smith and Julia Gordon-Smith have been busy during lockdown working on an exciting new project that was launched in January.

Iain, writes:

My Grandad Pete contracted Hepatitis C through the use of infected factor VIII while on a hospital visit relating to his haemophilia in the early 80’s. Previous to his infection he held a challenging, active job as an SYHA Warden in Edinburgh and at night ‘depped’ all over the Lothians as a bass player, often at short notice. Indeed, at his funeral in August 2018, a seasoned musician and music lecturer noted, “We were always amazed at his musicality. Peter could play anything you threw at him…”. But like so many others, after his after his infection began to take its toll, he lived a permanently debilitated life and, despite his immediate families’ best efforts, spent much of his final years isolated. He died two and a half years ago with cancer of the liver, a direct result of Hepatitis C. This is just one story of many thousands.

On the final birthday my Mum spent with her Dad, my aunt Rachel produced a handmade birthday card from Pete with a cartoon and caption: “Keep on Singing. Keep on Acting. Keep on Being You”. With this blessing, Mum very soon asked me to help her create a body of musical work in dedication to him and to honour this ‘final wish’.

Along with a band of friends, we recorded 6 tracks on Father’s Day 2019 at Bell Studios, in Acton, London. and are now releasing these six songs – our own versions of popular songs which we feel have their own relevance to this cause – in dedication to all those infected and affected by this disaster and as the centrepiece of this fundraiser towards the creation of the Edinburgh tribute. Through this medium, we hope that others will connect and understand the feelings of pain and loss suffered by so many surrounding this tragedy.

Our second song, ‘Step Inside Love’, written by Paul McCartney for Cilla Black, will be released on the 16th of February 2021 with subsequent releases occurring every 2 weeks until April 13th. Check Below for Spotify and Apple Music links!

More information about Iain and Julia’s story can be found on their fundraising page.

Haemophilia Scotland Chair, Bill Wright, explaining the need for a permanent symbol of remembrance for the Infected and Affected of Contaminated Blood

How can I get involved?

It’s so easy to take part in this fundraiser. All you need to do is, “Listen, Share, Donate.”

We are preaching to the converted, so to speak, when we share this fundraiser within our community. To raise awareness and funds for a lasting tribute to those infected and affected by contaminated blood, we need you to help us reach a wider audience. Listen to the songs on Spotify or Apple Music, share with your network of friends and family on social media encouraging them to “Listen, Share, Donate” and then donate on the Virgin Fundraising page. The video below shows you how easy it is to do it.

The third song, ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain’, by Ann Peebles, will be released on the 9th March 2021 with subsequent releases occurring every 3 weeks until May 11th. Check Below for Spotify and Apple Music links!

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