Malawi Diagnosis Walk and Picnic, with EGM




Join us at 12pm on 17th July to support the Malawi Diagnosis Project, with a walk and picnic starting at The David Livingston Centre, Blantyre. There will be option to do a one hour accessible walk or a longer 3 hour walk to raise funds to help diagnose people with bleeding disorders in Malawi. Our fundraising target this year is £1500. If you would like to do a fundraising walk, please contact

During the day, we will be holding a very short Extraordinary General Meeting, as we are hoping to change our constitution. This change would allow us to accept money from the Scottish Government for the Malawi Diagnosis Project. We have had permission from the regulator to make the change.  However, it is your charity so you get the final say!

You can sign up for tickets here:

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