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Maureen Watt MSP on the Penrose Inquiry and the new treatments for Hepatitis C

Maureen Watt MSP is Scotland’s new Minister for Public Health.  In that role she is responsible for the next edition of the Scottish Sexual Health and Blood Borne Viruses Framework and kindly agreed to step in for Shona Robison MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport at our Scottish Parliamentary Event earlier in the week (10.12.14).

We have had such good feedback from the report from the reception that we posted yesterday that are posting some footage we took of the Ministers speech.  Apologies for the low quality of the video but we hope you can get a sense of what was said.

The Penrose Inquiry

The Minster makes it clear that the Scottish Government are keen to recieve the Final Report of the Penrose Inquiry but that it would be inappropriate for them to try to influence the timing.  She also welcomes the work of Haemophilia Scotland and The Hepatitis C Trust on behalf of people affected by the Contaminated Blood Disaster and urges all groups to work together. She reported that the Scoping Excersise being conducted by the Scottish Infected Blood Forum on behalf of the Scottish Government has had a very good response rates and thanked all those involved.  Finally, she reiterated the committment of the Scottish Government to review the support arrangements once the Penrose Inquiry has reported and for their to be a consultation on any changes.

New Interferon-Free Treatment for Hepatitis C

The Minister also welcomed the development of new, interferon-free, treatment options for people with Hepatitis C.  She noted that some were already available and reported on the work which currently under way to make sure the next Sexual Health and Blood Borne Viruses Framework makes the best use of them.

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