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Minutes from the July meetings of the Contaminated Blood Scottish Financial Support Review Group

Minutes from FSRG July Meetings

The last meetings we published from the the Contaminated Blood Scottish Financial Support Review Group (The Group) said that there would be more to follow.

These are the minutes from the two meetings held at the end of July in Glasgow.  The main purpose of the meetings was to take evidence about the how financial support is delivered at the moment and to look at how other comparable schemes operate.  These were also the meeting which established the consultation exercise which has been running for the last couple of weeks.

The response to the consultation process has been incredible.  Despite the incredibly short notice, 86 people attended one or more of the regional meetings and 269 people have already returned a questionnaire.  The results are being analysed now in time to inform the next meeting of The Group on Monday. We are also very grateful to everyone who has called in or emailed with information, ideas, and suggestions.

If you haven’t been able to return your questionnaire yet then please get it back as quickly as you can.  We will continue go through all the responses and feed them into The Group.  We are also still conducting the one to one conversations for people who would prefer to be involved that way.

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