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Network’s Quality Improvement, Audit, and Data Group underway


The first meeting of the Quality Improvement, Audit and Data Group of the Scottish Inherited Bleeding Disorders Network took place on April 25th with Bill Wright in attendance on behalf of Haemophilia Scotland.

It was agreed that one of the key ways of reporting back to patients on its work would be via the Haemophilia Scotland website. The main subjects that the group looked at were:-

  • ‘Do not appears’ and patients not filling in their returns for use of products and the action taken in various centres to improve matters.
  • The take up on the psychology pilot project being conducted in the Edinburgh Centre.
  • The lack of funding for physiotherapy support in some centres and the challenges in securing that support under present administrative structures.
  • The revisions to the clinical audit system which is the administrative system for recording the overall use of various products and other trends among patients.
  • The ‘auditing’ of Haemophilia Centres and the development of standards that each Centre are tested against.

Anyone wishing further information about the group, please contact Bill via the office.

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