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New mentoring scheme to be piloted in Central Belt

Haemophilia Scotland has secured nearly £20,000 in funding from the Management Impact Fund to employ a Project Coordinator to manage a small, dedicated, team of volunteer mentors who will be on hand to provide one-to-one advice and guidance to families.

The mentoring scheme will include appropriate training for the mentors, as well as the necessary facilities and tools to deliver the pilot programme; which, if successful, could be rolled out nationally inthe future, subject to finance being available.

Initially, the mentoring programme will be piloted in the Glasgow area due to the relatively large haemophilia population in the region, and the presence of major haemophilia centres for both adults and children.

Families living with a bleeding disorder, like haemophilia, can often feel isolated; concerned about the implications of the condition, and how best to deal with it – now and in the future. The mentoring initiative aims to overcome many initial anxieties for families – particularly, newly diagnosed families who are suddenly faced with having to deal with a condition they may know little about.

With appropriate peer counselling from a mentor who has knowledge and experience of the condition, families can more quickly understand and manage their condition; thus leading to the early intervention and resolution of many problems and, importantly, helping children live as normal a life as possible.

If any reader in the Glasgow area believe they may benefit from the Family Mentoring Initiative, or who would be willing to act as volunteer mentors, they are welcome to register their interest with Haemophilia Scotland by emailing

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