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New Network needs you and your ideas

Scottish Inherited Bleeding Disorder Network

Regular readers will know that we are very excited about the new Scottish Inherited Bleeding Disorders Network which was launched in November last year.

Things are developing will and three working groups have already been set up.

  1. Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Best Practice, Policies, and Protocols
  3. Quality Improvement, Audit and Data

There are already patients or parents on all of the working groups but they are all open to new members if you are interested in getting involved.  If you are interested you can find out more about the work of the network and sign up to the Working Groups here.

There was a meeting of the Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Group yesterday.  Most of the meeting focused on getting a website set up and there was a discussion about what the logo should look like.  If you have any ideas for the logo, or would like to help design it, please email Dan Farthing-Sykes who is doing some of the early work.



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