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News of changes at the top from the Caxton Foundation

Caxton Foundation

The Caxton Foundation is the charity funded by the Department of Health and Scottish Government which makes discretionary payments to those infected with Hepatitis C by the contaminated blood disaster, and to their close relatives.  Today, the Foundation issued a statement about changes to its Board.

Ann Lloyd CBE, who has been Chair of the Caxton Foundation since March 2013, will be stepping down with effect from 13 March 2015. Charles Lister OBE, Deputy Chair, will be stepping down with effect from 30 April 2015. Both are standing down from the board due to other commitments.

Richard Finlay, who has been a board member since 2011, will be Interim Chair with effect from 14 March 2015. Richard, who currently chairs the National Welfare Committee (NWC), will temporarily step aside as Chair of NWC during the time that he is Interim Chair of the board.

A process to recruit a new Chair and two new board members is currently underway and their appointments will be announced in due course.

Richard Finlay is taking over as Chair at an important time for the Foundation as it faces calls from campaigners and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood for support arrangements to be simplified. He will take over just 11 days before the long awaited Penrose Report into the contaminated blood disaster in Scotland report.

Haemophilia Scotland and the Scottish Infected Blood Forum have called for Scotland to withdraw from the UK-wide financial support arrangement and develop a distinctly Scottish settlement which is more responsive to the needs of the community in Scotland, and more accountable to Scottish institutions.  Haemophilia Scotland has also suggested that consideration be given to using the changes to the Board to improve the representation from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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