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Pad Production Day helps 30 women in rural Kenya

On Sunday, we gathered at the Haemophilia Scotland office in Edinburgh to sew sanitary pads for women in rural Kenya. This was done in collaboration with Lilypads, a social enterprise which strives to end period poverty and stigma by providing affordable reusable sanitary pads and education to communities in Kenya.

Kenya is Haemophilia Scotland’s twinning partner and today, in rural Kenya, 65% of women are unable to afford sanitary products and often resort to unhygienic alternatives such as cloth, leaves or even used nappies.

We had Alison from Lilypads join us with a heap of donated towels and sheets and beforelong, we had a production line running with people cutting and sewing.

Through our collective efforts, we managed to sew 30 sanitary pads! These sanitary pads will make a tremendous difference to the lives of 30 women living in rural Kenya and will allow girls and women to pursue their education and career with fewer disruptions.

If you would like to attend another Pad Production Day, please let Alex know and we can look to arrange another event.

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