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Parent Mentoring become Parent Links

Some of the parents of children with a bleeding disorder already linked with other families in Scotland

Following our successful Parent Mentoring Pilot Project the project has continued to develop.  Thanks for funding from the Health and Social Care Alliance, IMPACT Fund, we’ve been able to increase the number of Children and Family Days we have held.

These days give families the chance to come together a meet each other.  Previously, this has led to us pairing parents up as mentors and mentees.  However, we have discovered that mentors are benefiting just as much from the experience of their mentees as the other way round.

This weekend the families involved in the project decided to stop talking about mentoring. They wanted a term which better reflected that it was a mutually supportive, two way, relationship, where everyone’s experience is of equal value.

Therefore, from now on we will be making links between families rather than mentoring relationships.  The group hoped this would also be more welcoming to a wider number of families.  Training will still be provided to everyone involved in the project to make sure those links are well supported.

So if you are the parent of a child with a bleeding disorder and would like to be linked with another family please get in touch.



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