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Patient Engagement Group Meeting Notes on Glasgow Centre Relocation

Summary of meeting with Patient Engagement Group 23.09.2019 on planned relocation of the centre to the St Mungo Building off the Link Corridor

  • The Sector and Site Estates Managers attended the meeting and provided insight to the complexities of car parking management on the GRI site. It was explained that additional parking spaces (except blue badge spaces and drop off places) could only be provided on payment of an annual fee to the private contracted Car Parking Operator on site and that spaces could not be reserved for particular users.  Even if they could, enforcement would be a significant problem.
  • The patient group had previously identified a need for dedicated parking adjacent to the St Mungo Building and there had been discussion on the creation of 3 blue badge bays, a drop off zone and up to three additional spaces dedicated to the Haemophilia Unit. There had also been a suggestion of one or two bays for emergency use by patients who had pressing need to access treatment. Similar provision is made at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary which was also a privately run park. Patient representatives identified the need to have adjacent parking as critical to the move of the Unit. The issue will be referred to the Facilities General Manager for further discussion.
  • The Group received reports on many of the issues highlighted in the accessibility audit and were pleased to note that there was acceptance by the project team of the need to improve access to the Unit by reducing the number of doors which would need to be manually operated; to remove the trip hazard presented by the current uneven road and paths to the rear of the building; to provide appropriate signage to the building and to review the current provision of seating on the access corridor where patients could rest.
  • Following previous discussions about the physical location of reception in relation to the proposed waiting area and concerns about the lack of space for reception and nursing staff, revised layout plans had been prepared. These provided for reception and the nursing office to be combined at the entrance of the unit.  An improved layout for the accessible toilet was also shown.  These changes received the endorsement of the Group.
  • The Clinical Services Manager reported that an audit of patient routine attendance had shown that a waiting area of 12 seats as proposed was sufficient to avoid congestion in the waiting area on clinic days.
  • Date of next meeting – Monday, 25th November 2019 at 2.00pm, GRI, TBC.

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